A rt needs its mediators and a reference work.
Who is the artist? How does his/her work come about? Does the image originate from a series? What is the meaning of the work and how is it placed in the history of art?

Answers to these questions provide publication in its various forms. There are art books and catalogs, as well as other publications. These are an important reference works for those interested, art connoisseurs and those who want to be there.

Pashmin Art Management is responsible not only for the art market, the works of art and the presentation of the artist, but also has its own publishing house. It thus offers a perfect support of the artist in all areas, from presentation to research.

Pashmin Art supports the renowned art critics and art historians, those who make a selection of the most telling images, accompanied with a detailed essay on the artist and his works.

Furthermore, we produce catalogs, posters, calendars,
flyers and high quality art prints.