W e advise you with our long-standing experience, our in-depth knowledge of national and international art scene and our global contacts to set your collection of art works skillfully, creatively and innovatively on the proper scene in order to create an elegant inspiring atmosphere.

Art is not just decoration.
Art creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Show your love for art by accentuating your art treasures and your resourceful place; this will give you the best possible level and conveys a positive message.

Impress your guests with a sophisticated overall concept of your art collection. Inspire the visitors, share the experience with them and feel proud when you present your art collection to them.

Art is an expression of one's personality!
What kind of art fits you and your home?

When extending your art collection or if you want to start collecting art works, we will advise you in close dialogue on your selection, which is tailored to your needs and your personality and guide you to your final decision.

We make the connection between the artwork, artists and collectors.

A quote by the sculptor Ernst Barlach aptly expresses this point:
"Every art needs two -- one who makes it, and one who needs it.”