A wareness and popularity is enabled not only by the quality of the work of the artist, but by his/her personality, his/her image and accordingly, his/her representation in the media!

The main power of this undertaking is the professional placement of the artist in the media. This specifically means the presence in corporate films, documentaries for Internet or on TV, in art magazines and newspapers or on radio.
Pashmin Art specializes in artist management and art management. Alongside an art-historical classification of the individual works and an individual consultation, different projects emerge which open the doors for national and international presentations.
Concepts for exhibitions in galleries, museums and famous art fairs, as well as participation in auctions are realized based on a well-designed promotional plan which purposefully builds the development of the artist and his or her name. By participating in auctions, the art market value automatically increases.
Pashmin Art Gallery
In Art Canton 2014