T he art printing offers the artist the possibility to have his original art work be reproduced in the desired edition (editions). Technically, this is possible with different materials. The lithograph supports the presentation of the artist with high quality reproductions of his paintings or photographs. We have extensive experience in completing this method. A digital reproducibility of an original work of art requires a proof of the actual limitation, as well as a detailed documentation of its production.

Therefore, we have chosen a method that provides high level of security and trust. Tamper-proof certificates (Certificate of Authenticity) with all important details, such as name of the artist, title of the work, edition , etc. , are created for each art print. In addition, artists and photographers who work digitally have to prove with a single certificate Secure the authenticity of original single prints to evade forgery. The trust and security play an important role for us!

Proper press is important to us! The more articles are written about an artist, the more pictures of his works are published in various journals, the more the reputation of the artist increases. Art lovers and art collectors get an overview of the artist and are curious to know more about him/her.
Press is not that simple like that! Only journals and online art magazines with an international readership publish articles, interviews and exhibition reports about the artist. Finally, a professional art-historical classification is to be achieved and thus the art is to establish lasting

Furthermore, we produce catalogs, posters, calendars,
flyers and high quality art prints.