A rt for a good cause.

Art can help and create new perspectives! Pashmin Art Management has the ability to help people by organizing art auctions, fundraisings and collecting donations for providing services for children and young people in need.

After the auction of paintings and other art objects, a sum goes directly to charities to help them in their mission financially, thereby creating new paths for the artists.

Pashmin Art Management has launched several such events and can look back proudly at these proceedings. One of the biggest happenings in this framework, supported by politics and economics, was an event entitled "Light and Shadow". Here, the focus was to sell a painting of the same name from the cryptorealist painter Davood Roostaei. The money raised in the event was donated to the charity of Youth for the help of accident-damaged children.

It is obvious that art can make a difference in improving the lives of people in need. The artist has not only the task of being an artist; he is also a critic of the social grievances and can shed some light on social issues and change and improve the society. With his works, he finally encourages people to think and act. He motivates them to try out new things and to tolerate their ways of thinking.
For these charity events, targeted preparation is of great importance. Press and media as well as external advertising play an important role. With great commitment and social awareness, Pashmin Art Management organizes important charity and gala activities on a professional level to attract a great deal of attention. The aim is to set a signal with art and to encourage people to take some part themselves and to make a positive change.