Nowadays the presence at galleries, art fairs and exhibitions is conceived indispensably important for the establishment of an artist in the art market. Here, the art connoisseur may not only study the work of the artists, he might even purchase it. The art connoisseur gets familiar with his/her style and the artistic statement of the artist. The more an artist's work is exhibited at exhibitions and galleries or art fairs, the more his/her visibility will be and the realistic artistic value will increase. The quality and the potential expression of each work play major roles.
Pashmin Art specializes in artist management and art management. Alongside an art-historical classification of the individual works and an individual consultation, different projects emerge which open the doors for national and international presentations.
Concepts for exhibitions in galleries, museums and famous art fairs, as well as participation in auctions are realized based on a well-designed promotional plan which purposefully builds the development of the artist and his or her name. By participating in auctions, the art market value automatically increases.
Pashmin Art Gallery
at Kiev National Museum of Russian Art