Art Agency & Art Marketing

W e are your strong partner that binds your artistic talent to economic success and mediate the message of your art to art collectors and art lovers, nationally, and internationally. Through sustainable art marketing your vision is realized and your art will be established on the international art market - that is our goal!

It is to build a foundation for artist that will serve as a basis for further, more targeted marketing. Your art - whether it be abstract or realistic, in all genres: painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture and photography - is not only in your own home or in my own studio. Rather, it should serve as a bridge between all different nations and cultures, creating new ways and changing ownership. You should open your eyes, have a message or simply work as an enjoyment to the mind.

As an art agency, we would like to open the way and take you art to the most important centers of art in the world. You as an artist should dedicate yourself to our art and artistic creation. We see ourselves as your partner, which is committed with a strong art marketing for an ideal and at the same time profitable success.

With Pashmin Art Management our art is in professional hands.

Pashmin Art Gallery    
at the Museum of Contemporary Arts    
Beijing (MOCA) 2016    


An Exclusive Museum Exhibition in China 2018

“The Crossroads of the World”

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culture and friendship in
                                 contemporary world